… Begins with one step. And So It Begins.

Wow.   A blog!!

I am not exactly sure who, if anyone, will be reading this so my approach is like an open journal reflecting my own journey and if anyone may be interested-  that is just plain awesome.    I am a single female living in Los Angeles, CA and have embarked on a spiritual journey.   Some background:  I was brought up (that sounds so Southern and I love it “Brought Up”) in the beautiful Tennessee mountains with a Christian/Baptist-later-in-Georgia community and churches.  That time was important and what I learned through those expereinces is still very sacred.

I have been searching as long as I can recall.  Through my adult life, I got in touch with the very impactful and rewarding Native American (Lakota & Cherokee mix) history in my family.   Seeing the world and all living beings in a profound respectful way helped to change perspectives and focus inward on spiritual growth.

Just over two years ago, I made a wish while looking at the most beautiful statue of Buddha in the hills of Hong Kong (For anyone who has been there, you may know what I mean when I say I was stunned at the sight).

The wish was simply to have the opportunity near where I live to study and learn Buddhism.   I returned to LA, walked to the farmer’s market as I had for years on Sunday mornings and as I was walking home-  I dropped the flowers and vegetables I held and nearly cried when I saw that a brand new (Literally, it had been open only a few weeks) Kadampa Buddhist Temple had opened.  Or appeared.   When a wish is granted to this degree, so quickly and literally and…  two blocks from my apartment…  I was drawn in immediately.   My view of life, others, suffering and why we are all here-  completely changed.   It has been so impactful that I found myself wanting to speak to my friends about spiritual topics and lost interest in topics that didn’t make me wonder, learn, grow.   That may sound conceited or a little elitist –   Not my intention.  I simply wanted more.  I found Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on OWN every Sunday and was inspired by her and the show to invite some friends over one Sunday a month – to start- and spend some time discussing spiritual topics.  Not heavy and scary-   rather light and open.   What did they grow up learning, understanding, asking-  what is Anger?   What is Forgiveness?   Why are we scared to talk about Death when we all know it is inevitable? What is the difference between Religion and Spirituality?  All of these great conversations.   This coming Sunday is our very first meeting.   There are four of us from different backgrounds, different beliefs and different ideas.    The topic:   Forgiveness.   What is it?  How do we give it?  Get it?  Firstly, to ourselves.     As Buddha taught … “To understand everything is to forgive everything.”     This should be good.   Update to follow!!!

Be kind,