The Mekong, Coconut Candy made by hand and an island named Unicorn Island- all in one day!

We were scooped up by our tour this morning and driven to The Mekong Delta (about 1.5 hour drive).  Our guide was the greatest- offering knowledge about Vietnam, the Mekong and life as a 24 year old in Ho Chi Minh City.  Later in the tour, Daddy asked him where he was born and he (his name is Long Nguyen) replied…

“I was born in Pleiku”.  Of course he was!! He and Daddy were able to talk about the town of Pleiku now and how his Mother supported the South Vietnamese during the war in Pleiku.

So we got on a Sam Pan boat and were taken to another area where the women operate small fishing type boats by hand (see the photos below)…  they tell it all.

We had honey bee jasmine tea, listened to traditional folk Vietnamese singers, ate dragon fruit and jack fruit. We then rode on what Daddy called a Lambretta to a restaurant and had lunch. This area is extremely remote and has crocodiles, porcupines and-our favorite-cobra snakes. And coconuts growing in such abundance it’s surreal. Then we rode to an island where they make, by hand, coconut candy.  Daddy and I also got to taste an alcohol made from rice. It’s supposed to help sore muscles- only one shot each day. Inside the bottle was – get ready for this- a huge black scorpion AND A LARGE COBRA.  Apparently- the snake and scorpion venom slowly mix with the alcohol.  Larry La, help us explain this so my Mom doesn’t faint. ?  We only had one little shot and we are feeling good so all is great.

We just returned to the hotel where we are back on the roof and Daddy is enjoying a drink called “Rocket fuels”. He has earned it, for sure. Here’s some fantastic photos to describe our day: 

6 thoughts on “The Mekong, Coconut Candy made by hand and an island named Unicorn Island- all in one day!”

  1. What fun you two are having making life long memories! And…..shall I say: thank you Lord for letting me have the sense to stay home! SNAKES are a nightmare….yikes. Be safe and watch where you step! ha

    1. These snakes are beautiful! And we are far from them now so not to worry! They like the coconut candy and unicorn island so we left them there and happy. Hoping you are having some fun with Shannon, Lyn and Luke and we miss you and love you!! ?????❤

  2. Hello, Jarry!!!

    Your blog is fascinating, the photos are wonderful! What a fabulous experience you are enjoying! So many memories you are making. Sounds a bit exhausting, too! Whew! We certainly look forward to the next exciting installment!

    Love to you both. Be safe and happy.


    Mel, Brenda and Teddy

    1. Thank you Bronda ❤ The Cobras keep us going. Ha! Today we make our way a bit North to Nha Trang. Daddy may need a week-long nap after this trip but it will be worth it. More to come and we love you!! Jarry

  3. “Coconut Candy and Cobras” should be the title of a story or poem about Vietnam. One, I like. The other, not so much. Honestly, it all looks great. You are having such a wonderful adventure. You will never forget these exotic experiences.

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