Nha Trang – Beach and built-in relaxation

We left a busy and bustling Saigon this morning and flew North to Nha Trang. It’s a beautiful & relaxing beach town about a 45 minute flight from HCMC.  Our hotel is quiet and nice with an infinity pool on the roof overlooking the South China Sea.

Daddy is in good spirits (albeit probably a little tired ’cause I’m a little tired too) and looking forward to our continuation North.  He drove here once from Pleiku via Quy Nhon to collect supplies while in service.

I planned the start in Saigon with all of our exciting exploring as a plan to not only show the growth of the country and an awesome welcome to Vietnam but also to prepare for coming North. My thought is that seeing the three distinct areas of Vietnam would also help Daddy break it all down a little and not be overwhelmed. The North, the middle and the South have different customs, foods and some language. Pleiku is in the highlands and located in a pretty remote and mountainous region. They have tea plantations and grow most of the incredible coffee for Vietnam. (For those of you who don’t know- forgive the assumption- Daddy was stationed in Pleiku for 13 months. He drove trucks from Pleiku to Quy Nhon, Kontum and the one-time trip to Nha Trang. He arrived into Saigon when he first got to Vietnam but only spent one night. He spent two more nights near Saigon in a graveyard with about 100 other GIs- one of the safest areas while the Army got it together with the thousands of new US troops arriving. He then was sent to Pleiku to hold the North VC back from going South).

We arrived to a light rain today in Nha Trang – about 7.5 hours’ drive from Pleiku.

I snapped this one photo of Daddy looking out from the plane window today at an area closer in terrain to where he spent his tour of duty.

We are here for two days and have a half day tour tomorrow so more updates then!! We love you all and miss you.

2 thoughts on “Nha Trang – Beach and built-in relaxation”

  1. Hello, Jarry!

    Goodness, no wonder you two are a tad tired! You will need a vacation from your vacation to rest up!

    You are certainly covering a lot of territory! Thanks for so generously sharing with all of us! It is not only entertaining but educational! Do take care and be safe!!! Can’t wait to get the next message!

    Love you both,

    Mel, Bronda and Teddy

    1. Ha! No joke!! Thank you for the love and posts – I’m reading them to Daddy every day. We will probably sleep for a month (or at least a full day) when we get back to LA. Daddy sends his love to you and Mel and Teddy, as do I. We are so happy you’re reading the Jarry Asian tour blog and liking it- and we miss you !!! ??❤? PS – there will be a Vietnam history, geography, language and food pop quiz for everyone when we are home. Ha! (I think you’d make an A+).

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