We arrived safely in Pleiku…

We rode the 7 hours from Nha Trang to Pleiku today – through coffee plantations and sugar canes growing for days- and arrived around 4pm.  The city is totally unrecognizable to Daddy from his time here. Currently, the population is around 350,000.   We walked around the Ho Chi Minh memorial and the town a bit but nothing looked familiar. Mostly buildings constructed after his time here so I’m sure it’s a little confusing for him. Tomorrow morning we have a guide taking us to Kontum and back through Pleiku so hopefully he can see where he spent all of those days and nights. More to come!! We love you!! Jarry


5 thoughts on “We arrived safely in Pleiku…”

  1. Hello, Jarry!

    You two must be exhausted! I have forgotten when you fly back to the US, but am sure you are equally enjoying your experiences and looking forward to getting home, too.

    We are certainly thinking of you and hope to hear from you again, and soon!

    Be safe!

    Hugs and love,

    Bronda, Mel and Teddy

    1. Hi Bronda!! We are in Pleiku now, next up is Danang then back to Saigon and return to LA on March 6!! We may sleep the whole flight ? ! We love you too and miss you gobs!!! ❤️❤️

  2. What a beautiful blog!!! Ben and I look forward to it every day…Julie thank you for taking the time to keep us with you in spirit. Love the details of your adventure and know you will never forget this special time with your sweet Dad. The pictures are beautiful, wishing you both a happy and safe trip! Love you both….Linda and Ben

    1. Thank you Linda Lou!! We are going out today to find some places that mean a lot – if they still exist. We love you and miss you and appreciate the support!! ❤️❤️

  3. Great ending to the start of the day with the guide no show! Everything is beautiful especially you two down on your knees drinking more good stuff….enjoy your foot massages!

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