Sayonara, Pleiku ??

This morning we say Sayonara to Pleiku and make our way North to Danang.  A 6 hour ride through the countryside will be relaxing – passing water buffalo along the way and mountainsides ( hopefully most have grown back that were killed by Agent Orange – You’ll find I have no love for Monsanto and frankly think they are pure evil). It’s 6am here on Friday here so too early for that conversation ?

Here’s a handy map so you can see our route from Saigon to Nha Trang to Pleiku to Danang ??✈️?:

We will update when we arrive into Danang. We are staying in a hotel that is a French village stuck in the mountains like a dream-place. When you see these photos you may think I’m fibbing on our lodgings. ? Danang is a beautiful beach city with a French Village in the mountains and the only way to get there is the worlds longest cable car ride!! We love y’all – Jarry ??❤️

Pleiku sun setting last night :


3 thoughts on “Sayonara, Pleiku ??”

  1. A little French village!!! It must be a quaint and romantic setting! Isn’t it wondrous the history and customs you have learned–and still learninng! Can’t wait for the next blog.

    Jarry, we all are so happy for you both!

    Hugs and love,

    Bronda, Mel and Teddy

    1. French village….. AWESOME can’t wait to see that place ? you two will never want to come home. ha, stay safe and have fun. Everything is good here on the home front. ?

      1. It’s a complete trip here!! It’s kind of cold at night and it feels like we are in France!! And these buildings aren’t old!! This whole town was build as an attraction and is amazingly real!! More photos tomorrow from this place and our tour. We must come back because we miss you tooooo much. We love yous!!

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