Are we in Da Nang?? Or a very clean French city ?

Hellllo Jarriats ! Sorry- I’m on a roll and we are in a different universe right now. We rode the mountainous 6 hours from Pleiku to Danang –  and I mean there were mountain grades at 10% over these passes – waterfalls and small villages and towns sprinkled along the way …

This last one is a typical Buddhist graveyard along the way and throughout this route.  I dislike taking photos of graveyards in general out of respect but I wanted to share what these looked like.

We arrived into Danang – a beautiful beach community- but I had found this French mountain town and HAD to check it out.  Daddy and I arrived with about 1000000000 Chinese tourists and made our way onto this aerial tram (longest in the world) toward our hotel.  It’s a 24 minute smooth ride !!

So it’s a little cool up here upon arrival – probably 67F – not sure of the altitude but a 24 minute ride up to the top would indicate maybe a few thousand feet. And we are now in a French village…

Ummmmm… you see my bewilderment… HA!! We had some pasta and wine and are now in our French hotel and we are totally confused and happy. I went to the hotel bar to grab a nightcap for us and there was one sad karaoke singer attempting a Linda Rondstat song …and one bartender. I ordered two whiskeys …brought to our room please and now we are watching a National Geographic show about Putin and enjoying a VietFrench whiskey and wondering how we managed to deserve all of this.

Tomorrow we see Danang and will definitely have updates. We love you all in French, Vietnamese and English. Oh and I practiced some Italian on my way here. So… in all languages, thank you for the support.  Jarry!! ❤️❤️????

2 thoughts on “Are we in Da Nang?? Or a very clean French city ?”

  1. Hello, Jary!

    Wow! All your messages are wonderful but he latest blog is especially fascinating (my opinion)!!! The photos are incredible, they look like original paintings! It appears that you really are in France!

    I would imagine the cooler temps were a little welcome change…

    Love you both! Be safe.

    xx oo Bronda, Mel and Tedddy

    1. Ha!! Yes!! I knew you’d like this bizarre little stop!! And the kicker is that it’s all NEW!! It’s not an old village at all!! Talk about an amazing investment!! We are still in a little shock and now it’s about 50F which means I can finally wear the two pairs of jeans I HAD to bring. Ha!! I love you and miss you!! Hugs to Mel and Teddy. ❤️❤️❤️??

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