Danang, Hoi An, My Son & Marble Mountain!

Hellllllooooo everyone! We have had a very VERY full day. I had booked a day tour with a wonderful woman here in Danang who owns her own tour company – she has been extremely helpful in connecting me to other people throughout Vietnam.  Being a fellow-female business owner, I wanted to support her and she didn’t disappoint.  I got word from her last night, though, that her Grandmother had died and she was unable to meet us but that she would send a kind replacement guide named Hai (American name he chose is Tommy). He and the driver took us ALL OVER THIS REGION for a nine hour tour day. We saw Danang city, went to Marble Mountain where marble is mined and there are lots of Buddha statues carved into the mountain, we saw a UNESCO protected site of the Cham people built in 700 in a place called My Son… Amazing architecture and still the mystery of the bricks, how they are made, joined together and are still standing. Sadly- the US Air Force dropped some bombs and destroyed part of it during the war. You may remember the Cham information from our tour of Nha Trang – we were invited to a performance today from the living Cham people that was breathtaking and ancient.  We visited Hoi An- a town full of history due to its placement on the South China Sea-  Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mylasian immigrants and trading through the centuries has brought an awesome mixture of culture, architecture and people. The entire town of Hoi An is a protected UNESCO site and is safe from over growth of ugly hotels and new buildings. The sweetest part of the day for me, though, was getting this email from Xuân Tú- (the owner of the tour company whose Grandmother had died last night so she sent a replacement guide):

Hello Julie! I just wanted to say thank you once again for everything. You are so amazing! My teammate Hai just called me about the tour and he was so blessed to have met you and your father. As a young Vietnamese person, I really appreciated your kindness for our people. I was very moved to know that you brought the shirt all the way to Vietnam and gave us lovely shirts. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I was not born in the war time but my parents grew up in the war. My parents told me so many stories about how we suffered during our war but my parents also mentioned that they had met many kind American and Australian solders during the war. They taught me that there will always be good and bad people everywhere. And it is so true. What I am trying to say here is you are representative of the beautiful souls from a very far away country- America. I have met many wonderful people from America, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere around the world. I learned that Kindness is the key of connection. And I know I have not met you but I believe you are BEAUTIFUL!

And please understand that we do not have any hatred for American just because of the war. It is over! We learn our history and we move on for more important things in our life. I hope that you find our country vietnam beautiful and friendly ?? One thing I need to write down is if you find yourselves come back to Vietnam, please let me know! My mother and I would like to have you and your father for dinner or lunch at our house

I hope my email does not confuse you.

Take care and Kindest regards,


In my humble opinion- this is why we are here.  Seeing the sites are very special and we have learned a lot but realizing our similarities, rather than our differences, is the point – and celebrating that. Right?!!

Here’s some great photos of today below. We love you and miss you all- we fly back to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow and prepare for our flight back to LA on March 6. ❤️❤️??????✈️


6 thoughts on “Danang, Hoi An, My Son & Marble Mountain!”

  1. What a lovely letter from your friend… She has a good heart and is so kind. I am sorry you did not get to meet her….because you have a good heart and are kind also. I am so proud of you and you . .are doing an awesome job describing all the different things you see. Thank you. You and daddy look happy. Love the beautiful pictures and story. Be safe and sleep well. Love you both, marma

  2. Cannot tell you how much your blog means to me!! The photos are priceless and your words are straight from your heart. Looking forward to hearing more in person…wishing you a safe trip back to the States…love to you both, Linda and Ben too. oxo

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