See you again, Viet Nam ??

We are in the lounge at Ho Chi Minh City International Airport awaiting our flight to Hong Kong.

Its been quite the experience for us and probably the guides we met. I forgot to mention that while on our tour in Da Nang, our guide Tommy, sang to us in Vietnamese and asked if I would sing for he and the driver. So he pulls up the Bluetooth and guess what song comes on.. Hotel California by the Eagles. No joke- and I sang that song while driving over rice paddies in Central Vietnam. CLASSIC.

Daddy chimed in for the chorus, too. I had no idea I knew every word to that song. And having just STAYED in our own Hotel California in the mountains- it was even more bizarre and perfect.

Most signs say “Good Luck and See you Again” as you leave a city here.  I like that.  I also really like the kindness of this place- reflected in this arrow on the airport ground (photo below)- it says :” 3rd floor- waiting and well wishers gallery” ?✈️

If you don’t know who Ho Chi Minh was, I encourage you to look into his history and how he lived his life. Extraordinarily humble and never ending drive for change – wonderful qualities. The people here call him “Uncle Ho”.

We will update if possible from Hong Kong – we have a short connection time and, as most of you know, flying back into US airspace there are a few levels of checkpoints to go through.

Have a wonderful Monday! Much love- Jarry  ❤️??✈️????

PS- expect a Vietnam quiz on this blog and the one with all the correct answers wins a million VND!! Here is a photo of only $120,000- about $6USD.


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  1. WELOME HOME !!!!!! What a great adventure…am sure if Julie could clone herself she would be a fabulous tour guide! Love the way you describe everything and made us feel part of your long awaited trip. Know you will enjoy sleeping in your own bed and having Beths home-style cooking! Love you both and can’t wait to hear more!! xoxoxo

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