Well hello, Saigon.

We made it to Saigon where it’s hot (90’s) and buzzingly awesome. Motorbikes everywhere, smiling and welcoming Vietnamese people and a perfect rooftop pool.

Landing in that same airport as 50 years ago was unrecognizable to Daddy.  (Photos here)

Headed out later for some exploring so fun photos to follow.

6 thoughts on “Well hello, Saigon.”

  1. How exciting!!! Loved the message and the photos! Understandable that the airport seemed like a different planet than it was 50 years ago! Glad you had some relaxation by the pool! A dip in the cool water must have been wonderfully refreshing! Thanks for sharing your blog!!! We will keep looking for it! Take care, have a blast, be safe! You both are so loved!

    Hugs!!! Mel and Brenda

  2. Keep those stories coming. I can see what you do as I sit in comfort here in Mooresville and your words make it come alive for me….homer

  3. Jarry! So exciting to see you two on your long-awaited travels. Keep the pics and posts coming. We like feeling as though we’re with you. And very excited to have you over for a nice down-home meal and hear all about it. Love you both!
    Pim (Paula & Tim)

  4. LB looks like a real tourist there. Glad things are going good. Have you had any real good food yet? Take care and enjoy. Tell LB he has to go over there with me next time.

    Mike Hunter

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