Luke Briggs is turning 6 and it’s already 6am the next day in Saigon

“Today” is relative since today here is yesterday there to our Sweet Luke Briggs. Happy Birthday, Luke! We love you and miss you and six will be a magical age for you- I am sure of it.

It’s Friday morning here and Daddy is still asleep. I’m having the best coffee in the world- hands down- and the songs playing on the instrumental hotel  mix have been these two in a row:  “I miss you like crazy”(remember that 80s R&B tune?) and now “My heart will go on” from Titanic. I’m thinking these could be love songs from Daddy to this country.  Clearly not a “miss you like crazy” as in you would describe in the sense of reliving those years here but in the sense of wanting to see it again. And crazy may be accurate for his daughter placing him on a motorbike in saigon this morning for a tour of the city. Ha!  I’ll be on one too- not to worry. Driven by arguably the most amazing navigators on the planet. And now the song is “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you”. That’s right, Vietnam- nothing is gonna change our love for you. ?It just keeps going and it’s all just perfect. (And I woke at 3:17 am so I acknowledge that I may be making very little sense today.)

Congee for breakfast with the best coffee and music- I’m ready to punch the world in the face as my Grandfather says. Photos and update to come post-motorbike street tour. We miss you all and love you!! Jarry

9 thoughts on “Luke Briggs is turning 6 and it’s already 6am the next day in Saigon”

  1. Hello to Jarry!!! I was at Daddys today, I showed him the Blog/photos and he loved it! I also called Aunt Betty and hubby Gene Frye (Daddys sis and sweet husband), told them about your adventure to Vietnam and info about the Blog and so they will be following too. Hope you are well and having a good time….take care of each other!!! xo

  2. Hello, you jet setters!

    Sounds like you are having quite the adventure! Navigating on a motorbike sounds like a ballet style Daytona 500 (which is this weekend) and we all can hardly wait to see the photos and, more importantly, hearing all about it when you return home and describe your once-in-a-lifetime dream trip. In my book there is nothing like travelling, the things one learns is beyond mere education. We all will be watching for the next blog. Thanks, Jarry, for your thoughtfulness.

    With much love, many thoughts and gobs of hugs to you both!

    Brenda, Mel and Teddy!

  3. Larry,
    So glad you arrived safely. Looking forward to seeing pictures from your motorcycle tour. Have Fun!

    Your neighbor,
    Mike DiNunzio
    126 Foxfield

  4. Wowzer! what a trip! A jouney of so many lifetimes! so happy for all y’all
    Love the blog and the pics. The joy, sweat and love shines bright thru your story.
    continued fun, revelations and questions to be asked and answered!
    stay safe
    (and as I type this Amazing by One Eskimo just came on in my shuffle!-thanks for that!)

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