Scooters through Saigon!

Friday morning we walked to the Ho Chi Minh Museum and saw hundreds of school kids on a tour. They asked if they could take a photo with us because we are American. So adorable, these smiling kids. We took a photo with them, as well. We were then collected by two brave girls who put Daddy on the back of one scooter and I was on the other. We had an awesome day seeing the city the best way possible- on scooters! With over 9 million residents in Ho Chi Minh City- there are approximately 8 million scooters. These are an efficient and economical way to get around the city and they definitely have their own way to navigate that is amazing to see. As they both explained- you have to GO WITH THE FLOW – anyone who might try to battle the existing flow would cause inumerous issues. Much like life!

We saw the famous and beautiful Post Office, Notre Dam Cathedral- both built by the French in the 1800s. We drove to a coffee shop that has been operating since 1938 serving amazing coffee made in clay pots!!! I had about 5 coffees yesterday because I love it so much !! We drove to the flower area and saw lotus flowers, tuberoses, sunflowers – and the nicest man who said “Hello!” To Daddy then held out his hand to shake it and said “My friend”. Again- a beautiful moment with these lovely people. Then we enjoyed a local lunch (photo below), visited a Chinese Pagoda built in the 1300s, ate dessert of sticky rice and dragon fruit and was brought safely back to our hotel.  We had a cocktail at our hotel rooftop pool, Then we walked to the market and had dinner in District  3.   Today is a breakfast tour on the Saigon River and later meeting my Saigon Aunt, Minh Hanh (Larry La’s  good friend) for lunch. She promises to take us to a real Vietnam restaurant. 

2 thoughts on “Scooters through Saigon!”

  1. What an AWESOME day for sure! The people seem so kind and so happy to help, riding you two around town on the motor bikes was really interesting. Sooo the food is good? You two behave and have fun!! Miss you

    1. Yea!! 95 degrees and a motorbike and a coconut sliced by a machete from a street vendor is just awesome. We have to behave in a Communist country so no worries there. We are asleep by 9pm every night and last night we had Italian food. Ha!! We love and miss you!! ??❤❤

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