One more thing about the Scooters…

Thank you all for your very sweet and support and comments. I wanted to add that you won’t see many photos of the streets of Saigon and on the scooters – it’s a little risky to have an iPhone out in my hand as it might get swiped so you’ll have to imagine a little using these photos as a true example of yesterday!! Our drivers were adorable and had zero fear. Brenda is exactly correct about it being a ballet mixed with maybe a bee hive and the Daytona 599 complete with horns of all makes and sounds.

Oh- and we each had a real coconut in our hands with a straw to drink WHILE WE WERE HOLDING ON TO THE DRIVER  Ha!

One thought on “One more thing about the Scooters…”

  1. Love it! Julie you are the best daughter ever, thank you for the idea and planning for this awesome trip. We are paid up for supporting you for 18 years! Ha

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