A little Cruise on the Saigon River, Vietnamese lunch and a high five to the whole Country.

Hello Saturday! We woke up at 5am (per usual so far), had more AMAZING coffee for an early breakfast and Daddy kicked off the day with Grilled Crocodile from the breakfast buffet.  Yup. Also scrambled eggs so that worked for me.  At 8 we were collected by a driver to go to our Saigon River breakfast Cruise.  We had the boat to ourselves!! A beautiful modified SamPan boat with our juice and breakfast ready to go.  We traveled slowly along the river and saw all of the extraordinary growth of Saigon – high rises, vacation homes, their shipping port (we assume lots of made in Vietnam items for Target and Walmart) 🙂 – ships headed to Cambodia and beyond.  We got back to the hotel and met Larry LA’s childhood friend Minh Hanh and she took us to a traditional Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. Always lots of vegetables, fish sauce, rice and crab and pork spring rolls.  Now we are sitting by the rooftop pool awaiting… wait for it… A massage !! Jet lag seems to have hit us today so we are chilling out.  Tomorrow is our Mekong Delta island hopping tour so we need our rest. I’m sure we will have some awesome photos from there – floating markets and rice farms- fruits and vegetables abound.  Also the local people are hard working and beautiful people so I shall bow my head to them in respect.

We love you all and miss you and thank you again for your notes and support and love!!!

Jarry ❤❤❤???????


3 thoughts on “A little Cruise on the Saigon River, Vietnamese lunch and a high five to the whole Country.”

  1. What a beautiful message! Thank you! The photos are so telling, one can almost hear the traffic sounds and can almost experience the sweet fragrances of the flowers and the food. The people have been very gracious to you two, but, then, you are very polite and respectful to them, so it might be a “mutual admiration society” thing!

    Very smart and wise of you to take care of that jet lag factor…Your intellect and emotions must be in overdrive! Whew, what a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. So happy for you both.

    As they say, keep them cards and letters comin’! Your blog is a much appreciated gift!

    Be safe!

    Hugs and love,

    Mel, Brenda and Teddy

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